The renovation of the house, completed in 2016, was carried out inserting all modern comforts (air conditioning, new bathrooms, equipped kitchen, satellite TV, wifi), but also trying to keep the original appearance of the structure as much as possible, reusing the old colors and materials (stone and terracotta), recovering the original decorations and maintaining the layout and destination of the rooms: the living rooms of the first and second floors and the sink and the stone fireplace in the kitchen on the first floor have been preserved . Other rooms such as the old ziraia, where the oil was kept, and the desk, which served as a study and office, were used for other functions (laundry and reception), without modifying the original structure.

All the features of the old manor house have been maintained: the grain pits in the desk and in the barn (the current living room on the ground floor), and the outbuildings in the garden (cellar, oven, coach house, sink and well).